Our mission at Livingtree Engage is to simplify communication and coordination between all the people participating in our children’s daily development. We’re a private, secure platform created by parents for parents.

Livingtree Engage helps GROUPS including classes, schools, and districts to truly engage with staff, parents, and students via the web using a desktop and/or the Livingtree mobile app to:

  1. Share POSTS in Conversations

  2. Share FILES/VIDEOS  

  3. Subscribe a Calendar  

  4. Create/Manage Events, RSVPs, Reminders, Sign-ups for Tasks, and volunteers

  5. Create, manage, monitor, and promote Fundraising Campaigns using Livingtree Give

  6. Create, manage, and send private communications—MESSAGES, PHOTOS, VIDEO, FILES, TEXT, PHONE call and Mobile Push Alerts

  7. Instantly translate to 120+ languages (both for recipient and sender)

  8. Access Family, Group, and Organization networks

  9. Access a Directory

Livingtree Engage is built in the exact hierarchy of your Group or Organization, allowing officials to share as broadly as district wide or as granularly as you need to down to a class level.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please, contact Livingtree at support@livingtree.com.

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