1. Click into the Edit Profile & Preferences page of your account in Livingtree. 

   2. Enter your cell number into the Telephone Number field. 

   3. Next, scroll down and select Yes to allow text messages to be sent to my phone. 

    4. Click the green Send Code button to Validate
        Phone Number receiving a Livingtree TEXT
    5. You will receive a text with your
        Activation Code.
    6. Enter the code in the field on the screen, and select OK.
    7. Once the Phone validation completed successfully pop-up appears, click the green Save button before exiting your Edit Profile & Preferences page.

Note: It is not possible to send an SMS Text message to oneself in Livingtree. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please, contact Livingtree at support@livingtree.com.

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