Livingtree’s Top 10 Best Practices for Administrators

  1. Get the word out. Create maximum awareness of Livingtree prior to sending invites (i.e., email, flyer, callout, mention in meetings, talk to teachers, etc.). 

  2. Download the mobile app. After you have signed up or customized your password on the web, be sure to download the free Livingtree app on your iPhone or Android device. You can use the app to post photos, messages, announcements, view your feed, send private direct messages, and more!

  3. Add a profile picture. Click on the Edit Profile & Preferences page to upload a photo of yourself, or a photo of your class icon or school mascot.

  4. Share a welcome message with parents and staff. Teachers and parents will see the content you’ve shared as soon as they log into Livingtree – even if they’re logging in for the first time! Populating your school’s feed will help your community understand the benefits of Livingtree and how it will be used throughout the year. 

  5. Represent. Put a link to Livingtree on your main webpage. 

  6. Remember to notify. In the first few months of the school year, it’s best to check the notify recipients option each time you share something with your class(es). If you do not check this option, the content will drop quietly into your recipients’ feed. Later in the year, only notify on time-sensitive posts, or when you want to get the message out right away.

  7. Pre-populate the school calendar for the year before school starts.  Tip: Assign someone to be responsible for updating the calendar throughout the year. 

  8. Go paperless. Use Livingtree to post forms, documents, etc. Encourage teachers to do the same. 

  9. Share photos. Livingtree is a safe place for you and your teachers to share photos of school & class activities. Post relevant photos into your school’s grade groups, athletic teams, etc. For parents who do not get to see the everyday activities at school, one photo truly is worth a thousand words. 

  10. Utilize Livingtree. Encourage your parents and students to do the same. Let your school community know that Livingtree is their two-way engagement platform – meaning Livingtree is a safe place for them to share any class-related questions, comments, group or direct messages – all in their preferred language.

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