1. Download the Mobile App! After you have signed up or customized your password on the web, be sure to download the free Livingtree app on your iPhone and Android device. You can use the app to post photos, messages, announcements, view your feed, send private direct messages, and more! 

  2. Share a welcome message with your class. Parents and students will see the content you’ve shared as soon as they log into Livingtree – even if they’re logging in for the first time! Populating your class’ feed will help parents and students understand how Livingtree will be used throughout the year. 

  3. Remember to notify. If the option is not checked, the content will drop quietly into your recipients’ feed. Later in the year, only notify on time-sensitive posts, or when you want to get the message out right away.  

  4. Share with your fellow staff members! Sometimes class activities, announcements or homework assignments are relevant to your colleagues as well – or sometimes it’s just fun to see what other classes are up to. To add your staff as a recipient of your posts, click the school from your dropdown and select your staff group! 

  5. Add a profile picture! Click on the ‘edit profile & preferences’ page to upload a photo of yourself, or a photo of your class’ icon or school mascot! 

  6. Utilize Calendar to share your class’ events with parents and students. This will allow you, parents and students to find all class-related events in one place. 

  7. Team teach? Invite your co-teacher to join your class. In your account on the web, click on ‘My Network’. Use your left navigation to select the class you’d like to invite your team teacher into. Next, click the ‘+Invite’ button on the ‘Administrator’ section. Once connected, your fellow teacher will be able to join in your class’ Conversation. 

  8. Go Green ~ Go Livingtree! Share homework, flyers, syllabi and more as file posts in Livingtree. You can share multiple files (Power Point, Excel, Word, etc.) in a single post. Recipients can go back to your file post anytime. 

  9. Share photos and videos! Livingtree is a safe place for you to share photos of your students; and with the Livingtree app, it’s easy to snap and share photos throughout the week. For parents who do not get to see the everyday activities at school, one photo truly is worth a thousand words. 

  10. Utilize Livingtree as much as possible & encourage your parents and students to do the same. Let parents and students know that Livingtree is their two-way engagement platform – Meaning Livingtree is a safe place for them to share any class-related questions, comments, group or direct messages – all in their preferred language! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email support@livingtree.com for assistance. 

We hope you enjoy using Livingtree!    


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