Have a Group Code? Get Connected!

At https://engage.livingtree.com/signup-user, click the ‘SIGN UP’ button, and choose the parent role. The sign-up flow will prompt you to set your password, profile name, family, and name your child(ren). Once you’re in your account, the group code window will appear. If you have your code ready, enter the code and click ‘Join’.

You’ll be asked to attach the child(ren) associated with the group. Accepting will connect you to the group/class and the school/organization! If the content has already been shared with your groups or organization, it will populate in your feed. If ever you need to enter the same code or new code, simply click on ‘Have Group Code? Join Now’ button in the Top­‐Right corner (under "See What's New" button) of your account.

Download the Mobile App in the Google Play or the iPhone App Store!

 If you have any questions about LivingTree or about your account, please don’t hesitate to email support@livingtree.com for assistance.

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