A parent will see events that have been shared with: all parents at the school, their child’s grade group or function, and events shared into their child’s class(es).

Trisha’s children attend two different schools. She’s also a member of St. Edward’s PTA. Her calendar receives events shared with all parents at the school, and any class or grade group her children are connected to. Trisha also receives events through the PTA organization.

Calendar tips for Parents:

  • COLOR CODING TIP: March 5th has a green event in Trisha’s calendar because she volunteered for a task in this event. Pink events are events that have volunteer needs, but the user has not volunteered. March 12th is dark grey because all volunteer slots are filled (and Trisha is not signed up). Light grey events do not have any sort of volunteer need.

  • FILTERING CALENDAR TIP: Use your left navigation pane to filter your calendar view on a specific group. Parents can filter their calendar on a child,or on a specific class.

  • SHARE AN EVENT: Join in the sharing by creating an event with any of your groups. Click on a day in the calendar or click the green ‘+ Event’ button. You’ll be able to select the groups you want to share with (your family group, class, school, etc.) from the ‘I want to share this with’ dropdown.

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