1.  Look to the left of your account in Conversations. Click on the '+' symbol next to GROUPS

  2.  Select ‘class’ (this option will ensure you're able to connect your class to the school).

  3. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

4.     Name your class. 

5.     Select the school organization to connect your class to the school. This will ensure parents are connected to your class and the school.

6.    Click ‘Done’. LivingTree will begin updating your network with the new class!

The ‘Send Invite’ window will appear. Select ‘Invite Parent(s) using group code’.

Click the green button to generate a code.

Click the ‘Print’ button to print the code and share with parents/students. Directions for connecting to your class will be on the printout. You’ll receive an email or mobile push notification as parents or students join your class.

If you ever need to print more group code pages, just click back into the ‘My Network’ section of your class: 

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