1. Look to the left of your account in Conversations. Click on the '+' symbol next to GROUPS

  2.  Select ‘class’ (this option will ensure you're able to connect your class to the school).

  3. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

4.     Name your class. 

5.     Select the school organization to connect your class to the school. This will ensure parents are connected to your class and the school.

6.    Click ‘Done’. 

The ‘Send Invite’ window will appear. Select ‘Invite Parent(s) via email’.

The email invite form will appear. You can type each email in the form, or copy and paste a list of emails. You can customize your invitation by adding a personal message.

Click ‘Send Invite’. The invitation to join your class on LivingTree will be sent to each of your recipients’ email inboxes. If they’re not yet a LivingTree user, they’ll be able to create their account and connect to the class from the invite. 

Once you send, you’ll see your invites pending. You can come back and check to see which invites are still pending anytime by clicking into the ‘My Network’ page for your class. You’ll be notified via email/push notification as recipients join your class.

TIP for teachers: You can begin sharing posts and events with your class even before your invitees join. Recipients will be able to see anything that’s been shared with the class as soon as they’re connected!

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