Within the reporting feature (via the "Reporting" tab) in your account, you can look at information about donations made for different fundraisers. You also have the opportunity to filter results and export the data you need in PDF and Excel formats. 

If you need an Excel spreadsheet that contains donations made in a certain time frame:

  1. Select the time frame by clicking on the tab shown below 

  2. Click the "Export Excel" button to download the spreadsheet

If you need an Excel file for a certain type of fundraiser, click on the "All Fundraising" tab and filter for the necessary fundraiser type.

Exporting donations from individual campaigns

To export a spreadsheet of donations from an individual campaign, click on the "Fundraising" tab and click on the tool icon for the campaign you want to look at.

Then, click on "Go to Reporting". This will take you to a filtered reporting page.

Click on "Export Excel" to download your spreadsheet.

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