1. Who can create a campaign?

Any administrator or co-administrator in your school or district network can create a campaign. Teachers and parents cannot create campaigns.

2. Who can see my campaigns?

You can choose to share to the whole school or to a specific class group. Administrators always have access to all campaigns. 

3. Who can donate to a campaign?

  Anyone in your LivingTree network has access to view and donate to the campaign.

4. Can I share my campaign to my social media accounts?

No. Your campaign will live in your LivingTree Network.

5. What are the service fees?

Launching a campaign is free. Transaction Fees are only deducted as each donation is made. The current fees for Give with the LivingTree platform are:
LivingTree Platform Payment Processing Total
5% + 2.9% + $.30 per donation = 7.9% + $.30 per donation

6. Will my credit card information be kept secure?

Yes. We are PCI compliant and do not store credit card information in our servers.

7.  Can you donate from the LivingTree mobile app?

Yes! In the mobile app, the campaign will appear in the conversations feed and in the “Give” feed. Click ‘Donate’, enter in the donation amount, a comment (optional), and your credit card information.

8. What if I do not want anyone to know I donated?

Every user has the option to make the donation anonymous when entering a donation amount.

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