1. Email Support (support@livingtree.com) with your first name, last name, email, and name of your organization. 

  2. Support will create your personal account (if you do not have one) and the structure of the school. It will be up to you or your teachers to create the classes. You can either invite parents by email or create a group code.

  3. *Pre-Schools Only* : Once Support has confirmed the build of your structure, you will need to rename each layer to reflect the grade groups at your school - Please note, each class group will live under their grade level layer.

  1. +Invite Classroom Teacher will allow you to an invite a teacher prompting them to create a class or attach one of their existing classes to your grade layer.

  2.  +Invite Others is an option that can be used when adding staff to a staff layer or a non-classroom teacher to a grade layer. This will allow your support staff to receive school wide and their grade level posts. As a staff, they can only post to class groups they are connected to and/or the staff in their layer.

  3. The pencil icon will allow you to edit the layer name. Click the pencil icon > erase the current name > enter in your desired grade name > Click Save.

  4. You can delete a grade layer by clicking the ‘x’ box. All classes must be deleted or moved to another layer before allowing you to delete the grade layer.

  5. To create a new layer select ‘+Create a New Group’. This will allow you to create a grade or staff layer (to invite staff only).

4.   Invite Non-teaching/Support Staff to their appropriate layer.

  • Administrators: can post school wide or by grade layers to parents and/or staff. Click ‘+invite’ > type in their email > Send Invite.

  • Non-teaching/Support Staff: they can receive school wide and their grade level posts. As a staff, they can only post to any class group they are connected to and/or the staff in their layer. Locate the staff’s associated grade or staff layer > Click ‘+Invite Others’ > type in their email > Send Invite.

  • Create the classes: refer to the  ‘Create a Class Guide’ to create your classes. 

  • Option A: You can create all the classes from your account and will need to invite the actual teacher as a co-admin of the class. 

  • Option B: You can have your teachers create their class. You will need to invite them into your school network via ‘+invite classroom teacher’ option.

How To Create A Class - Options

Option A:

  1. Create a class using the ‘Create A Class’ guide.

  2. An organization admin will need to invite the teacher in as a co-admin by going to My Network >  Select the class (under groups) >  ‘+invite’ > Type in the teacher(s) email > Send Invite. This will send an email to the teacher to create an account to connect if they do not have one or an invite pending to be accepted (if they have an account).

Option B:

  1. Disperse the ‘Create a Class - Teacher Addition’ to your teaching staff.

  2. In the organization’s admin account, go to ‘My Network’ > Choose your school under Organization > Locate the teacher’s grade layer and select ‘+invite classroom teacher’.

  3. Once the teacher has accepted your invite and chose an existing class or created a class (following the guide in step 1), the selected class group(s) will be added to the grade layer. You can see the class groups by clicking the ‘+’ next to the layer name.

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