Our goal at Livingtree Engage is to simplify communication and coordination between all the people participating in our children’s daily development.

We’re a platform created by parents for parents. 

Explore the different areas of Livingtree below.


'Conversations' is the place to make announcements, share media, view events, and interact with content posted by others in your Livingtree network. 


The Livingtree calendar allows you to have as detailed or as broad a view of your family, school, class, team, and organization activities as you’d like. The unique shared calendar system allows you to filter by the child, family, group, organization, etc. by simply adjusting your view via the left navigation panel.  Furthermore, you can create events for your family or groups, including sign up and volunteer management. 


The 'Inbox' is where you can privately direct message anyone in your Livingtree network.  It acts very similarly to an email system, allowing reply, reply all, forwarding, and the addition of attachments. 


In 'Directory' you can find all the connections you have on Livingtree.  If you have a class or a team, you have an automatic class-list or roster.  If you have a child in a class or team, then you’ve got all the teachers, coaches, or parents associated with your child’s group(s).  You can click on a user to see their profile, and send them direct messages as well. 

My Network

In 'My Network,' you can manage all of your connections:  create and modify family and extended family groups, teams, classes, youth groups, and organizations. 

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