For Parents

Once you sign up for Livingtree as a Parent (name your family, add your children, etc.):

  • Be sure to invite the other parent/caregivers in your children's lives

  • Create Extended Family Groups (All the Smith’s, All the Johnson’s, Other Loved Ones) to share precious moments and family activities more broadly with those who care the most

Now everyone is connected.  Share, coordinate, and relish in your family life.

For Teachers, Coaches, and Youth Leaders

Once you sign up for Livingtree as a Teacher or Coach (create your profile, name your class or team, etc.):

  • Invite in any other assistant teachers, assistant coaches, or other youth leaders responsible for your group

  • Invite in the parents of the children in your class, team, or youth group

  • Begin collaborating with your group using Livingtree's safe two-way conversation sharing (messages, photos, text alerts, files, etc.)

Now everyone is connected.  Livingtree helps make communication and coordination between teachers, coaches, youth leaders and parents easier.  This allows you to spend more time teaching and guiding children, and less time trying to figure out how to communicate and coordinate with parents.

For Groups and Organizations

Sign up and request to have your group or organization set up on Livingtree:

  • We can set up your entire school or district (principals, teachers, parents and students) using your SIS.  This will create private pockets of sharing and coordinating in the context of your classes.

  • When you're ready to go live, we'll send out welcome emails to your network's members (teachers, parents, students, etc.).  This will allow role-based communication in a safe, secure network.

  • As an administrator, when you update the schedule or share a post or alert, everyone's calendar or feed updates in real time. Members will also receive the notification that you shared (email, push, text, or phone call). You can communicate and schedule with staff only, or distribute information and scheduling to all parents or students.

Livingtree provides groups and organizations an efficient way to manage their community network, events, and conversations with both staff and parents.

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