Editing an event is easy! Simply click on the event and a “view event” pop-up will appear.  Click "edit event" on the top right.  If you clicked on a recurring event, select whether you would like to edit all occurrences in the series, or just the event you clicked on.  Next, you will be taken to the edit page for that event.  There you will be able to modify any aspect of the event.

Volunteer Management

After creating and sharing an event with sign up needs, you can assign members to tasks by clicking directly on the event (from the 'Conversations' stream or 'Calendar') and selecting 'Manage Sign Ups.'

Search for the volunteer by name or scroll through the list. Click 'Assign' next to the member you're assigning and click 'Confirm.' If you ever need to remove volunteers from a task, click on 'Manage Sign Ups' and select 'Remove' next to their name. Volunteers will be notified when they are assigned to or removed from tasks.

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