While creating your event, you'll see the RSVP, Sign Up and Reminder settings under Options.


To add an RSVP to your event, all you have to do is select the RSVP box.  You will be notified as your invitees RSVP.

Require Sign Up for Tasks

You can add sign up/volunteer opportunities to events by:

  1. Checking the 'Require Sign Ups for Tasks’ box.

  2. Filling in the task fields.

  3. Adjusting the number of volunteers required for each task.

Create as many sign up tasks as you need!  For example, parent/teacher conference time slots, read aloud volunteers, carnival booth volunteers, snack parent duty, bringing items to a party, etc.  This works for single events and recurring events.

When 'Remove the event from everyone else's calendar view' is checked, the event will be removed from the calendar for all invited members except for the members who have volunteered for a task. When the box is unchecked, the event will show up on all invited members’ calendars.

Livingtree automatically posts sign up events to recipients' 'Conversations' stream. When attendees sign up for events, it will appear in green on their calendar - indicating they have volunteered for the event.

Note: If this is a one-time event, it will appear highlighted green on the calendar for any member who volunteered for a task, including the creator (if they volunteered for a task).  If it is a recurring event, the event will appear green only on the calendar day(s) the volunteer has signed up for.

Members of the event can see which tasks still need volunteers, what tasks they've volunteered for, and who else has volunteered for tasks.  If the event still needs volunteers, it will appear pink on the calendar for both creator and invited members indicating there are still volunteer slots available.

Note: Recurring events will appear pink only on the days that still have volunteer slots available. When a member volunteers for a task for an event that still needs volunteers, the event will appear green on their calendar for the day(s) they have volunteered for.

When all the volunteer slots have been filled, the event will appear dark gray on the creator’s calendar. If the creator has chosen to keep the event visible when all sign up slots are filled, it will also appear dark gray on the invited members’ calendar.  Light gray represents events that do not have any sort of volunteer or RSVP need.

Livingtree will walk you through the process of creating events for your organization, school, class, or group(s) and gives you an idea of all the things you can do with our Sign Up feature. This guide will cover five scenarios:

1)  An event that requires help with tasks

2)  An event that occurs on multiple days (recurring) that requires helps with tasks

3)  Volunteer Management (assigning and removing volunteers for tasks)

4)  An event (recurring/single) that requires time slots

5)  An event that requires multiple task sign ups per time shift


You can set up to two reminder types for an event: Advanced and Same Day.  Reminder notifications come to event recipients as an email and as a mobile push notification, if they have the Livingtree iPhone or Android mobile application.  Just select the check box for the reminder notifications you'd like your recipients to receive.  You can adjust reminders to be sent days, hours, or minutes in advance of the event.  If your event requires signups or RSVP participation, only those who've volunteered or responded to the event will receive the reminders.

Attachments, Event Description, Save & Exit

  1. Click here to add a photo to your event details.

  2. Click here to add a file to your event details.  Recipients will be able to access and download the file by clicking on the event after you share.

  3. Add a description - any other details to your event - here in the field.

  4. When you're ready to share your event, click 'Save & Add Another' (to begin creating another event) or 'Save & Exit' if you're done creating events.

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