If you're a parent on Livingtree, you'll see your family group listed on the left.  As a parent, you own your family group and you can edit and manage the connections you have through your children.  To manage your family, click on 'My Network.'

  1. If needed, filter on your family by selecting it from your left navigation pane.

  2. To rename your family group, or delete your family group, click here.  Note that you will only see the pencil button if you're the "owner" of the family group.

  3. If you need to add another "child" to your family, click here.  The children in your family group are not accounts - they're names/emojis to help you associate classes with your children, and to help teachers associate parents with their students.

  4. To remove your connection to a class or group, click the 'X'.  To remove your connection to the entire school, click the 'X' on each class that's associated with the school, or delete your child by clicking the pencil button on the child's name (you can re-create the child again by following step three).

  5. If you're the "owner" of your family group, you can remove the other parent/caregiver by clicking the arrow next to their name.  Select 'Delete.'

  6. You can transfer ownership of your family group to another contact's account.  After transferring ownership, you'll remain connected as a secondary parent.  If needed, you can remove yourself by clicking the arrow next to your name.

  7. Invite another parent or caregiver by clicking here.  You'll be prompted to invite via email.

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