1. Click the '+' icon to create your family. Just fill out the family name, invite any other parent or guardian(s), and add your children. Any parent or guardian added will have full visibility and administrative privileges for the family calendar, memories, conversation stream, etc. After creating your family, it will show here in your left navigation.

  2. In 'My Network,' you can edit details (photos, name, description, etc.) and delete your family, group, etc. NOTE:  If you delete your family, it will delete your children and their connection to any classes or teams.

  3. As you accept invites from your children’s teachers, coaches, and group leaders, these groups will be listed under each of your children respectively. If you wish to end a connection, simply click the 'x' to the right of a connection. As a parent, you can terminate connections at any time. Ending a connection removes all the contacts and information associated with that group from your Livingtree tools (conversations, contacts, calendar, etc.).

  4. Click here to edit your child's name or profile picture. Their name and profile picture is visible to teachers and school admin.

  5. To add a child to this family, simply click the button, fill out the details for your child as prompted, and upload his or her photo.

  6. Select the 'Invite' button here to invite a parent or caregiver.

7. If your co-parent or guardian is already connected with you on Livingtree, type their name in 'Search Contacts'. Otherwise, type their email address in the address field. Any parent or guardian added will have full visibility and administrative privileges over the family calendar, conversation stream, etc. Connections and calendars will automatically sync to their Livingtree profiles. Note, that red indicates something is wrong with the email address. If you need to erase your entire list of invites, select ‘Clear All.’

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