If you’re a parent user on Livingtree, you’ll see the children attached to your family group and the parents/caregivers connected to your family group as well. Click on your profile picture or initials to see exactly what others see when they click on your name in 'Directory.'

  1. If you find you’d like to edit your profile information (profile picture, name, contact info, etc.) click ‘Edit Profile.’

  2. If you would like to edit your family group (Family name, add/remove children and caregivers, etc.) click 'Edit Family.'

  3. Here you’ll see your children’s names and the classes/groups you’re connected to through each child.

  4. Click 'Close X' to exit your profile information.

The children in your family group are not actually users; so you won’t see their contact info when you click on a child. You can see the contact info of a parent/caregiver by clicking on their initials or profile picture. Click ‘Send Message’ to send the parent/caregiver a private, direct message in Livingtree.

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