Here you will see the classes or teams you are connected to as a parent or student. You’ll also see the groups you’re connected to as a member. Click on a group to view the teachers, parents, and students (if a class) or members and administrators connected to that group.

You can click on an individual's name to view their profile information or compose and send a direct message. When you click into a group or organization, you will see the 'Compose Message' button in the upper-right corner. Select your recipient(s) and then click the 'Compose Message' button.

Parents are able to view and contact the administrators and other parents of a class:

To send a message to an entire group, click ‘select all.’ This is a great way to reach out to parents of a class for teacher gift planning.

Students are only able to view and message the teachers/administrators of their class:

Teachers and school admins may view and message both parents and students:

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