What is Livingtree? 

Livingtree is your community’s own private network.  As a student, you’ll receive posts (messages, photos, files) and events from your teachers and school administrators.  You are able to join in the conversation by sharing posts, direct messages, comments, calendar events and more with your classes.  Be on the watch for your Livingtree login credentials.  You’ll receive your login from your school or from a “Welcome to Livingtree" email.


  1. Think of 'Conversations' as your “homepage.”  You can scroll through your feed to view the posts that have been shared with you, or to share a post with any of your classes.

  2. You will see the classes you’re connected to in your left navigation pane.  Click on a class to filter your view/feed down to this class’ posts only.

  3. If you have a new code for an additional class or group, click here to connect using the green 'Click here to join' button.

  4. Click the comment/heart/pushpin icons to comment on a post, like a post, or pin a post to your “pinned” items.

  5. You can also filter your feed on posts you’ve pinned, photo or file posts, or by searching for a particular contact.

  6. Click on any top application in your top navigation area ('Calendar,' 'My Network,' 'Inbox,' 'Directory') to take a look.  Skip ahead to read a description for each feature.

Share a Post

Jumpstart your Livingtree experience by sharing with your class(es).  Your teacher and fellow students will receive your post in their Livingtree 'Conversations' feed.

  1. Click on ‘Messages’, ‘Photos’, or ‘Files’ to begin.  If you are posting photos or a file, click on the respective icon.  You can upload photos/files from your device.  If you like, add a subject line for your post.

  2. Type your message in the message field.  Utilize the formatting buttons to get creative with your post.

  3. Click the dropdown menu to select whom you would like to share with – you can select one or all of your groups.

  4. Check ‘Notify recipients’ to send notifications for your post.  Notifications are sent via email and mobile (through the Livingtree app).  You can disable comments for your post (if you do not want others to comment), and allow re-sharing (if you’d like recipients to be able to share your post with their other Livingtree groups).

  5. Click ‘Post’ and you’re done!  Recipients will see your post in their Conversations stream.

Download the Mobile App

One of the easiest ways to use Livingtree is to download the free mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices.  You can post photos, create events, direct message, and do almost everything you can do on the web right from your phone!  Just go to your app store on your phone and search for Livingtree.

If you have any questions about Livingtree or about your account, please, do not hesitate to email support@livingtree.com for assistance.

We hope you enjoy using Livingtree!

- The Livingtree Team

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