Connecting Students As Users FAQ

  1. How do I add students to my class on Livingtree?  On the web application, go to ‘My Network.'  Select your class on the left side navigation area.  On the next screen, you will see a Parents section and a Students section. In the Students section, you will see a button allowing you to invite students by group code or e-mail.  If students are already connected to your school, you can simply add them to your class with the ‘Add Student’ button.

  2. What capabilities do student users have on Livingtree?  Student users can share messages, photos, files, events, and sign up requests with any or all of their classmates. They’re able to view and respond to any of the content the teacher shares with students (unless comments are disabled by the teacher). Students can also view and respond to content other students in their class(es) share.  Students cannot see parent group posts (messages, photos, files, events, etc.) for their classes and/or contact parents on Livingtree.  Students cannot obtain contact/profile information or create groups. Unless direct messaging teachers or other school administrators, all communications for students occur in Conversations and Calendar, which allows teachers, administrators, and parents to keep an eye on any communications that takes place by students within their class.  Students can delete the posts and comments they’ve shared, but, they’re unable to delete other contacts’ post, comments, etc.  Students can re-share posts that have re-sharing enabled; but, they may only re-share within the classes/groups they’re connected to in Livingtree.

  3. Who can students connect with on Livingtree?  Student connections are driven solely by invitation from a teacher.  Upon accepting that invitation, the student will be connected to other teachers and administrators of the school (if the entire school is using Livingtree) and see the students in their class groups.  Students are not able to create their own groups or message parents or each other on Livingtree. 

  4. Can students see parent group posts?  No. Students are not able to view any content (messages, photos, files, events, volunteer opportunities, etc.) parents share into the parent group attached to the class.  If a parent chose to enable re-sharing for their post, the teacher can re-share the post to the student group.

  5. Who is included in a student’s Contacts?  All teachers and administrators that a student is connected to, as well as the fellow students in each class.  Students, however, may only direct message teachers.

  6. Can I re-share a parent post with students?You can re-share any post with students or parents as long as re-sharing has been enabled by the post’s originator.  Comments on the post will not be re-shared.

  7. I’m a student. Why can’t I see my parent’s posts and events?  As a student, you can only view the content that your teacher(s) and fellow student users share.  If parents choose to enable re-sharing on their post, the teacher may re-share the post with students. 

  8. How do I connect with my group (class) or organization (school) as a Student? You should receive a Group Code or email invitation from your group or organization.  If you received an email invitation, sign up on Livingtree with the email address that received the invite.  Your invitation will be waiting for you in your new account's Inbox.  If you have a group code, sign up (or log into your account) and click the green ‘Click here to join’ button in the left side navigation area.  Type the group code in the field that appears on your screen.  If you have any trouble connecting with your group or organization, don’t hesitate to ask for help from our support team by emailing us at

  9. How do I privately message my teacher?  You can send your teacher(s) or group leader a private message in the ‘Inbox’ area – located in your top navigation between ‘Memories’ and ‘Contacts.’  Click ‘Compose a Message.’ Type the name of your teacher(s) in the ‘To’ field.  Next, type your subject and message.  If needed, you can upload a file to your message by clicking on the ‘Choose’ button. Click ‘Send’ when you’re done. 

  10. Where can I find older files that my teacher posted?  On the web, you can filter your Conversations feed by ‘Pinned’, ‘Files’, ‘Photos’, and ‘Events.’  You’ll find the ‘Files’ button located under the posting buttons (‘Messages’, ‘Photos’,  ‘Files’).  By default, your conversation feed is filtered to ‘All.’  Select ‘Files’ to only view the files that have been shared with you.  You can narrow your search even more by first selecting a class or group in your left navigation area, and then selecting the type of posts ('Pinned', 'Files', 'Photos', 'Events').

  11. How can I save our class or school photos? To save a photo to your personal account, you can click on the photo and select the pin icon (photo with an arrow). Pin the photo to your ‘Just Me’ mix and the photo will be in your account until you decide to remove it.

  12. As a student user, who can see the posts and events I share?  Anyone connected to the class or group you share with will be able to view the content you post.  This means teachers, fellow students, and the parents attached to the class/group are able to see the posts and comments you share with the class. Teachers can also see posts and events you share.  Although parents can see your posts, they’re unable to comment/like a post or event students share with a class/group.

  13. What do I do if my group code is incorrect or expired?  You can contact your teacher or group leader to request a new group code. You can also for assistance. 

  14. How can I contact my child (student) on Livingtree?  Currently, parents do not have the capability to engage with student users on Livingtree.

  15. How do I view posts or events for only one class or group?  You can filter your ‘Conversations’ feed, ‘Calendar’ and ‘My Network’ pages by selecting the class you’re wanting to see in your left navigation area under 'GROUPS.'

  16. Why can’t I see any of my school or class’ content?  If you’re having trouble accessing posts, events, etc. check your left navigation area.  If it’s filtered on ‘Me,’ you will only see the content that has been shared with ‘Just Me’ which hides all other content that is related to any class or group you’re connected to in Livingtree.  Filter your left navigation on ‘ALL’ to go back to aggregate view.

  17. I’m a teacher or school, what are my responsibilities?  As a teacher or school, you must obtain parental consent prior to inviting any student under 13 to connect with you on Livingtree (i.e., per COPPA requirements and Livingtree Terms of Service).

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