If you are registered for an LT Give AND an LT Engage account, logging into your account via the Livingtree login page will provide access to BOTH your LT Give AND your LT Engage accounts.

Note: By default, once you login, you will be routed to your LT Engage account FIRST.  Then you will be able to access your LT Give account from there (and vice versa).  See the steps below.

First, login to your LT Engage account:

  1. Login to your LT Engage account with your username (email address).  Note: Your username will be the same for both your LT Give AND LT Engage accounts.  The LT system will not allow for different username email addresses for the two platforms.

  2. After logging into your LT Engage account, look for the "Give" icon, located at the top center.

3. Here, you will see a "wheel"  icon.  Click this icon.

4. You are now in your LT Give account!  You can see your fundraising functionality here.  If you would like to toggle back to your LT Engage platform, click the "Open Livingtree Engage" Button located to the left of your name and you will be routed back to your LT Engage account.

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