How do the phone alerts work in Livingtree?

School administrators can share phone alerts the same way they share posts in Livingtree. 

When a ‘PHONE’ post is made in Livingtree, the message from the post will be delivered to recipients as a message post, email notification, mobile push notification (for mobile app users), and a phone call. 

If a recipient misses the call, the phone alert will go to the recipients’ voicemail. 

The phone alert feature is a great way for administrators to quickly reach parents or other members in their network.

Who can share phone alerts?

Only those connected to the school as an administrator, or those connected to the district network as an admin will be able to share phone alerts. 

You can quickly check to see who is connected to your school as an admin by clicking into your school’s directory.

Who can receive a phone alert?

Any user with a valid phone number in their Livingtree contact information can receive a phone alert. 

Parents who have their cell or home phone number in the district SIS are automatically opted in for phone alerts.

Can my phone alert be translated into a different language?

Yes. If a user has selected a supported language preference in their Livingtree account, the call will be translated into the user’s preferred language.

Currently, the supported languages are:  Danish, German, English, Catalan, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese-Mandarin.

If a parent has not logged into their Livingtree account yet, will they still receive the phone alert?

Yes. Similar to email and text notifications, the phone alert will be delivered to parents even if they have not accessed their Livingtree accounts.

Is the phone alert notification enabled for everyone?

If your campus or district is using the phone alert feature, only the school or district admins will be able to share phone alerts. This feature is not available for teachers, support staff, parents or students.

Can users edit their phone number in Livingtree?

Yes. On the web, click on My Profile in the drop down menu of Options located under your profile picture and name. Then click on Edit Profile & Preferences in the left hand navigation bar. Enter the phone number in the field, and click Save to keep your changes. 

In the mobile app, tap More > Preferences > Edit Profile and enter your phone number into the field. Tap SAVE to keep your changes.

Can users disable the phone alert notification?

Yes. This notification can be disabled in the user’s Edit Profile & Preferences page.

Is there a character limit with the phone alert message?

Yes, there is a character limit of 2,000 characters.

Will my phone alert be delivered as a text as well?

No, your phone alert will be delivered as a post, email notification and mobile push notification for mobile app users. Use the TEXT alert feature to share a text alert.

If I allow re-share and recipients re-share my phone alert post, will this go out as a phone alert?

No, this will go out as a message post only.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Contact us at for additional assistance.

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