The "Leaderboard" is an optional campaign feature that can help you to create "competition" between groups (IE - classes, teams, grades, etc) in efforts to create "buzz" around your campaign (ultimately leading to increased donations).

If the Leaderboard is enabled for your campaign your donors will be able to give their donation on behalf of a competing team present in the leaderboard. The total sum of donations credited to each team will be listed in the leaderboard tab located on a campaign's landing page. (Note: you also have the option to hide the leaderboard list of your campaign to the public, but still know the status internally).  

To add a leaderboard to your campaign, follow the steps:

  1. From the Fundraising Tab, click "create a new campaign"

  2. Proceed to "Step 4 - Promotion," under the "Competition" section, to enter the names of the teams (one team name per line) that you would like to register for the competition. A checkbox is also present for you to be able to hide the Leaderboard list from your campaign if you desire. 

3. Continue to create your campaign and publish.

When checking out, donors can select which group they would like their donation credited to:

On your campaign, after donors have clicked the "Give" button and have entered their personal information, they will see a pulldown list titled "This campaign is a competition! Who gets credit for your donation?"  From the list, donors can then select which group that will get credit for their donation.

What visitors to your campaign see

Now, on your live campaign, under the "Leaderboard" tab, you can see the list of groups that you had entered, along with the real-time, total donations that have been collected for each group.  The groups are sorted by largest donation total amount to smallest, along with a Gold/Silver/Bronze medal, indicating which group is in 1st/2nd/3rd.  Groups that are 4th and further do not have medals associated with them.

Promote the Leaderboard!

We recommend that you send regular updates (IE - mass-emails, using the "Updates" feature, flyers, etc) to your donors, students, parents, staff, etc announcing which group is in the lead. 

Mention that the standings can be seen on the Leaderboard on your campaign.  This can help to motivate others to help you reach your campaign goal.  

Also, don't forget to mention how much is still needed to reach your campaign's goal, how much time is left until it ends, and ask everyone to share your campaign, etc!  

Tip:  When sending updates, use the URL that includes the Leaderboard extension, so visitors are routed directly to Leaderboard tab vs the main campaign page.  To get the URL with the Leaderboard extension, click the "Leaderboard" tab, then copy and paste the URL in your browser's field at the top.

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