Archiving a campaign will allow you to unpublish and remove it as a live campaign.  Un-Archiving a campaign will allow you to edit your campaign (if needed) and republish it.

To Archive a campaign, follow the steps:

  1. Log into your LTG account and locate the desired campaign

  2. Click on its cog icon and from the drop down menu select the Archive option

Your campaign is now archived and can no longer be seen publicly (campaign URL is disabled) and donations cannot be made.

Archived campaigns can be "unarchived" to be edited and republished at a later date.

To Un-Archive, Edit and Republish a campaign, follow the steps:

  1. Click the "Archive" link at the top

2. Find your archived campaign
3. Click the wheel and select the "Edit & Publish" option.  You are taken to Step 1 where you can edit your campaign
4. Go through and make any edits to your campaign if needed

5. After making your edits, on the last step, click the "Publish" button to republish your campaign to make it live again
6. Your campaign (and campaign URL) is now live again and is able to receive donations again

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