Livingtree hopes you and your community are all healthy and safe!

Considering the extent of school closures across the country, and the need for teachers and families, we have see an increased need for teachers to have the ability to post longer videos.  

This has prompted us to increase our video size limit to 500 mb .   This should help allow teachers to post deeper instructional content on the site and help during these unprecedented times. 

To truly maximize this ability we have some suggestions that may help increase capacity:

  1. Change your cameras video settings to a lower resolution.  (We recommend 720p) 

  2. Due to the inconsistency with cell phone data uploads, make sure you are connected to wifi when trying to upload videos. 

  3. For the best possible stability of upload we recommend transferring your video to a computer and uploading via online computer browser. 

We hope that everyone continues to stay safe, and please let us know if our support team can help in any way.  

Thank you,
Livingtree Support

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