Dear [Staff],

Family engagement is critical to student success which is why we are working to engage every family in every school to bring them closer to their child’s educational experiences. Every family member should feel welcome in our schools, encouraged to participate, and engaged in their child’s learning. By applying our new strategies and practices through the Livingtree Engage platform, we can create family engagement that is crucial to student success!

Every school and classroom will be using the Livingtree Engage platform from this time forth as the primary way to connect and communicate with families. Using one unified platform in every classroom will help create an engaging culture across our schools. By cutting down on the number of communications tools and providing one unified platform, we can avoid overwhelming families and potentially promoting disengagement. It’s extremely important that families feel that they have one reliable way to connect with their child’s educator(s) and engage in what students are learning, regardless of the class, grade, or school a child attends in our district.

The platform is simple and easy to use for both teachers and families. It currently does everything (and sometimes more) than most of the tools and apps that many of our educators are already using. In addition, Livingtree Engage will alleviate the time and effort burden for teachers by loading class rosters and connecting your school and teachers with their families. All users will be automatically invited into the platform via email and text message (SMS).

Please ask for School Livingtree Family Engagement Announcement Tool Kit. This will provide everything you need to inform families about the Livingtree Engage platform and help create an engaging culture at your school. In addition, the Classroom Livingtree Family Engagement Announcement Tool is attached/linked for distribution to staff in your school.

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