Today, the impact of technology serves as a neglected component of family engagement. If one teacher uses an app, and another teacher uses something else, things get messy. When families are confronted with the challenge of having to learn and navigate numerous apps for classroom and school communications, they can become overwhelmed and frustrated, potentially leading to their eventual disengagement. This confusion is only amplified if a family has multiple children in different classes at different grade levels. National Family Engagement Expert Dr. Steve Constantino worked with a school district, who he found “had 9 different apps and programs being used to communicate with families.”

Having one unified platform across every classroom, grade and school that families can depend on is extremely important in terms of creating an engaging culture for families. If families have one place they can turn to and see what their child is learning, families will feel more comfortable and willing to become engaged, enabling teachers to promote efficacy. That’s why the Livingtree Engage platform will become our primary way to connect and communicate with families. Livingtree Engage is easy to use and will provide all of the features you need to engage families. In addition, Livingtree will save all of our teachers time and energy spent on other applications by automatically rostering and connecting you with your families at the start of each school year and as classes change.

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