All LT Give accounts come with a built-in "Public Page," which is a public-facing page (with a unique URL) that centralizes and houses all campaigns that you have created and published.

Promoting your Public Page

Public Pages can be helpful when promoting your campaigns, especially when talking to potential donors in person, because is allows you to remember only one URL (your public page URL) versus multiple URLs (for each of your campaigns).  Some campaign creators have over 20 campaigns published at one time.  Public Pages are very useful in a scenario like this.

For example:  You meet a friend/family member/colleague at a coffee shop.  As you are talking, you recall that he or she has mentioned in the past about being interested in possibly donating to one of the campaigns that you have created and published. 

Because you have created multiple campaigns from your LT Give account, you only need to share your Public Page's URL with them.

Then, simply mention the general name (IE - "iPads" or "Musical Instruments") of the specific campaign that they had mentioned that they had interest in donating to.  From there, they should have no problem finding and donating to your campaign!

Public Page Settings

You can edit your Public Page "Title," description and logo, as well as, view your Public Page in your account settings.    

To help make routing potential donors to your public page easier, you can copy and paste HTML code to add a "Donate Now" button to mass-emails, websites, etc.

When your Public Page's "Donate Now" button is clicked, potential donors are routed directly to your public page. More information on the Donate Now button can be found here.

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