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How can I save a published campaign as a draft?
How can I save a published campaign as a draft?
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You have the ability to save a published campaign as a draft ("move to draft status"), so that it is not viewable to the public/not live to receive donations.  Subsequently, you can come back to the draft to edit it then republish it.

To save a campaign as a "Draft", follow the steps:

  1.  In Fundraising > Active Campaigns section, click on the cog icon on top right of your desired campaign's thumbnail.

  2. Select the "Move To Draft" option.

3. Your campaign will now appear in the "My Drafts" section.  It is now NOT viewable to the public or live to receive donations.

To edit your draft campaign and republish your campaign, follow the steps:

  1. In "My Drafts," find your desired campaign and click the cog icon and select the "Edit & Publish" option (see screenshot).

2. Edit your campaign.
3. To save your edits and republish your campaign, go to the final step of campaign creation and click the "Publish" button.
4. Your campaign is now viewable again to the public and live to collect donations!

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