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How can I save a campaign as a template for later use?
How can I save a campaign as a template for later use?
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In your LT Give account, you have the ability to save a new campaign as a "Campaign Template."  

Saving campaign templates allows you to re-use the same campaign information (IE - title, description, images, videos, goal amount, etc) when you know that the same need will arise in the future (IE - an annual campaign for school lunch accounts, quarterly bake sale, etc).

To save a campaign as a template for later use

  1. Create a new campaign by following the campaign creation steps.

  2. After you have added all the information/elements (text, images, videos, etc) to your campaign, on Step 5, click the "Save As Draft" option on pulldown menu at the bottom (see screenshot).  Note: Campaigns MUST first be saved as a "Draft" BEFORE they can be saved as a Campaign Template.  

3. In the "My Drafts" section, click on the cog icon at the top right of your campaign's thumbnail.  
4. Select the select "Edit" option.

5. Go through your campaign and make any changes, if necessary.
6. On Step 5, click the "Save As Template" option at the bottom of the screen,

7. The campaign is now saved as a template in the "My Templates" section (see screenshot).  Notice that, instead of seeing your campaign, you will see campaign categories (IE - technology, music, literary, etc) .  

8. Click the campaign's category image to reveal your saved campaign template(s).  Campaign templates should look the same/have the same information as the campaign that you had previously saved.  Click the cog icon, and then click "Edit" to create a new campaign from the template.

To save a campaign template from a completed campaign, follow the steps

If your campaign has ended and you want to now save it as a campaign template, follow the steps"

  1. In Fundraising > "Completed Campaigns" section, click on the cog icon on the completed campaign. 

  2. Select the "Edit" option to review the campaign and make edits as necessary.

  3. On Step 5, select "Save as Template" option on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page

To use the template, you can either:

A) Go to "My Templates" (as mentioned above), select the particular template that you saved and proceed to edit and publish your campaign.


B) Proceed to create a new campaign from Step #1 of the campaign wizard (see screenshot below), and select the particular template from the "My Templates" section on the pull-down list.  The campaign title, details, images, etc will all populate and now you can proceed to edit and publish your campaign.

Creating a template from an Archived campaign

Archived campaigns can be made into templates using the same method explained in the above section titled "Saving a campaign template when creating a new campaign".

Simply go to the "Archive" section and click on the cog icon. After clicking on "Edit and Publish", go to Step 4 of the campaign wizard and select "Save as Template" in the drop-down menu at the bottom center of the page.

Note: Archived campaigns can be saved into draft status, and then a campaign template can be created from it.  However, historical transaction data of that archived campaign will be LOST if the template is used and ultimately published.  Archived Campaign data will is duplicated. 

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