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Promote/Email Tool: How can I send a "one-time" mass-email to my contacts to help promote my campaign?
Promote/Email Tool: How can I send a "one-time" mass-email to my contacts to help promote my campaign?
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The "Promote/Email Tool" is a basic mass-email tool which allows you to send simple mass-emails (text-format) to contacts that you have added or imported in to your LT Give account's "Contacts Tool."

To send a one-time mass email using the "Promote/EmailTool," follow the steps:

  1. Login to your LT Give account.

  2. To send a mass-email, you must first add/import contact(s) into your Contacts Tool.  Note: Contacts cannot added or imported within the Promote/Email Tool.

3. After your contact(s) have been added/imported to your Contacts Tool, find the active/published campaign that you want to promote in the Fundraising Tab > Active Campaigns section.  Then, click the "cog" icon located at the top right of your campaign's thumbnail and select the "Promote/Email" option.

4. On the "Create Custom Message or Save Template" screen, click "Promote Email" tab, then click the red "+" icon located at the right of the "To" field.

5. From the "Select Recipient" popup that appears, you now can select the contact(s) that you want to send your email to.  

At the top right, from the "Select Contact Type" selection list, you can pull down and select a list of "Contact Types" (or groups of contacts that you have previously assigned to contacts in the Contacts Tool) to send your email to.  Once the contacts from the selected Contact Type have been selected, you can check the "Select All" checkbox to select all the contacts in that group (in the screenshot below, the campaign creator selected a "NoFrillsCampaignContacts" group that s/he previously created.  Other examples of Contact Type groups could be "parents," or "donors," etc.

Or, you can check the checkbox next to one contact to send your email to an Individual Contact.

Press the "Done" button at the bottom to select your contacts for your email.

6. Now, in the "To" field, you will see:

  • Your email address.  You will receive a copy of the email. 

  • Email addresses of contacts that you have selected.  Note: When emails are received, each contact on the list WILL NOT SEE EMAIL ADDRESSES OF OTHER CONTACTS ON THE LIST.

Your email will be sent to all the the email addresses appearing in this field.

Next, enter an email subject and message in the respective entry fields.  Note: Your campaign's URL automatically appears in the message for you to be able to add additional wording, etc.

7. Now that your contacts (email recipients) are selected, and your email subject and message are added, to immediately send this one-time email, press the "One-Time Send" button at the bottom.

That's it!  Your contact should soon receive this email about your campaign, can click the campaign link and donate!

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