We are always striving to improve!

Our Product Management team is continuously reviewing user feedback for platform "roadmap" planning and development.

If you would like to share any feedback or suggestions that you might have regarding the Livingtree Engage or Give platforms, send us an email at support@livingtree.com.


Click the "Chat" icon (from our website or from within your account):

And scroll down to the "How can we improve?" section to enter your feedback and send it to our Product Management team.

Types of feedback to share:

  • New Features or Tools:  Suggestions on possible new functionality or tools (that currently does not exist), that might help improve user process, results, etc.

  • Improvements to Functionality to Existing Features:  Feedback to help improve any existing platform features or tools.

  • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Improvements:  Suggestions to help improve any confusing UI/UX flow, process, wording, etc.

Our team may ask you additional questions regarding your experience, perspective, etc, and or how the feature or enhancement can help you.  

We build new features and enhancements based on the overall needs by our existing customers and or new customers.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your feedback will result in a new platform feature or enhancement OR built to specification as requested/described.

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