When creating your campaign, on Step 4 (Promotion), you have the option to log into a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn social media account, and "authorize" your LT Give campaign to be shared with friends/followers/connections/etc.  

***These social media accounts can be yours or others (IE - a PTA's Facebook account, etc), as long as you have legitimate access/login credentials to that account. Also, your campaign must be published first, before the LT Give system will share your campaign on social media.***

To share your campaign via Social Media, follow the steps:

First, on Step 4, select which Social Media outlet you would like your campaign to be share on.


  1. Press the Twitter button. 

  2. The pop-up below will appear.

  3. Authorize Livingtree Give to share your campaign via Twitter feed by entering the Twitter account Username or Email and Password.

  4. Click the Authorize app button.


  1. Check the checkbox. 

  2. Press the Next Step button.

  3. Complete the campaign creation process. On step 5, click the Publish button.

  4. A pop-up with a Share on Facebook button will appear. Click the Share on Facebook button (see screenshot).

  5. A pop-up appears, authorizing use of the Facebook account with Livingtree Give (Note: displayed as Edbacker) 

  6. Enter the Facebook Email or Phone and Password.

  7. Press the Log In button.

(Note: An authorization pop-up will appear at the end of the campaign creation process confirming that it will be shared.)


  1. Press the LinkedIn button. 

  2. The pop-up below will appear.

  3. Authorize Livingtree Give to share your Campaigns via LinkedIn feed by entering the LinkedIn account Email address and Password.

  4. Click the Sign In button.

Once the steps above are completed, you will continue on to Step 5, and then on to publish your campaign.  

Once your campaign is published, the account's associated friends/connections/followers/etc will now see a post with the details of the campaign, in that account's feed.  If the post is clicked, they will be routed to your campaign's page on LT Give.

Note:  For District users (IE - Teachers, PTAs, Boosters), your campaign must first be reviewed and approved, before your campaign is shared via Social Media in the manner described above.

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