School districts that become LT Give (for Districts) customers are setup with the help of Livingtree's Implementation Team.  

During this process, all of the district's user accounts (IE - schools, teachers, boosters, PTAs. etc) are setup by the implementation team so they can be included within the district's hierarchy of accounts on its platform.

If you are part of a school district that that currently is (or soon will be) a LT Give customer, BUT you have registered on Livingtree's website separately, your account will not be part of your district's hierarchy.  

This means that your campaigns will not be reviewed/approved by your school and or district and any inbound funds from campaigns you create will not be routed/managed by your school/district.

If you need your account (that you registered for separately) to be linked to your school district, Livingtree's Support team can do this for you.  Please contact

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