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How can I record cash or check donations to my campaign?
How can I record cash or check donations to my campaign?
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Although the LT Give platform does NOT facilitate the processing of cash and or check donations, it does facilitate the recording and reporting of these funds via its "Add Backers" feature.  

After being entered via "Add Backers," you can be confident that the funds are being properly tracked in LT Give, while you safe-keep them to subsequently apply them to your campaign.

To use the "Add Backer" feature to enter cash/check donations to your campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your desired campaign and then click its cog icon at the top right, and then click "Add Backer" from the drop-down menu.

2. Once clicked, an "Add Manual Donation" screen appears.  Here, you will enter the cash/check amount, the donor's first and last name and email address (see screenshot).  

Check the "Donate Anonymously" and or "I am making the donation "On Behalf of" checkboxes to select how the donation will appear on the "Backers" tab of the published campaign.

3. Click the Save button to record and apply the donation to your campaign.

What visitors to your campaign will see

After you have recorded the cash or check donation on your campaign, on the "Donors" tab (see screenshot) in the down-right corner, visitors to your campaign will see the recorded donation information alongside other donations (IE - donations that may have been processed electronically).

Note: On the "Donors" Tab, there is no way to discern which donations were entered via "Add Backers" and which ones were processed electronically.

Reporting of cash or check processed via the "Add Backers" feature

After cash/check donations have been entered, they will be recorded in LT Give reporting. On the Reporting tab, from the list of donations, you can see the cash or check donation that you recorded with the information that you entered.  

Any donations that have been entered via "Add Backers" will be recorded as a "Manual" payment type in reporting (see screenshot).  This way, you will be able to discern check/cash donations vs electronically processed donations (IE - PayPal/Stripe/Vanco). Note: The report is downloadable in .CSV format.

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