After making a donation, your donors will receive two (2) email receipts with the details of their donation. 

On the Livingtree Give email receipt, you as a campaign creator can customize a message that is included on the receipt.  

To customize the message on the LT Give email receipt, follow the steps:

  1. In your LT Give account, in Fundraising > Create a New Campaign, during the campaign creation process, on Step 5, find the section "Use Custom Edbacker Receipt Thank You Message"

  2. Check the check box

3. This section is then expanded to reveal an entry box (at the top) where your custom message can be entered, as well as, an entry box (at the bottom) where your custom signature line can be entered.  As you enter your custom message and signature information, the fields on the left side will automatically populate the preview section on the left.

Note:  If you are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization and donations to your campaign are tax-deductible for your donors, adding relevant information (such as your organizations Tax ID number) is ideal to add to the custom message here.

The preview section also includes the donation information that will also be automatically populated on the receipt as well.

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