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Contacts Tool: How can I create and remove a "Contact Type" for a contact?
Contacts Tool: How can I create and remove a "Contact Type" for a contact?
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Within the Contacts Management Tool, you can create, apply and remove contact types for your contacts.

Applying a contact type(s) to your contacts can help group and organize your overall contact list, which can further help with targeted mass-emails, etc.

To create a new Contact Type and apply it to a contact, follow the steps:

  1. Login to your LT Give account

  2. Click the "Contacts" tab on the left side

  3. Within the Manage Contacts screen, click the "Add Contact" button

4. In the "Add a Contact" popup > the "Contact Type" field, begin typing the title of your new contact type.  

As you begin to type, if there is not an existing contact type spelled the same, a field titled "Add [your new contact type]..." will appear below.  In the example below, the contact type "Fall Parents Group" does not currently exist, so the field that allows it to be added as a new contact type, appears below.

5. Click the "Add Fall Parents Group [your new contact type]" field.
6. A blue contact type box, with the title of the new contact type is applied.  In our example, the "Fall Parents Group" contact type has been applied to this contact.  Note: you can apply multiple contact types to a contact.

7. After completing the information for the remaining entry fields (name, email address, etc) on the popup, click the "Save Contact" button at the bottom.

8. Your newly added contact is now created and the contact type "Fall Parents Group" has been applied to it.

To remove a Contact Type from a contact, follow the steps:

  1. Within the Contacts Management Tool > Manage Contacts list, look for your contact in the list that you would like an existing contact type removed.

  2. Click the "pencil" icon located on the left side of the contact.

3. From the Edit Contact popup, click the "x" on the blue contact type box.

4. The contact type (in this case "Fall Parents Group") will be removed from the field.
5. Click the "Save Contact" button at the bottom left.  
6. Your contact is saved and is no longer associated with the removed contact type ("Fall Parents Group")

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