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Promote/Email Tool: How can I send "Scheduled" automated mass-emails to my contacts to help promote my campaign?
Promote/Email Tool: How can I send "Scheduled" automated mass-emails to my contacts to help promote my campaign?
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The "Scheduled" mass-email feature allows you to set and send automatic, scheduled, mass-emails, from the system, to specific types of contacts that you have loaded into your contacts tool.

The email that is sent is based on one email template that you can customize and create.

This is an easy and automatic way that the Livingtree Give system can help you "set and forget" promotion of your campaign, and ultimately helping you achieve the most donations!

To setup a "Scheduled" Mass-Email, do the following:

Watch our Video Walkthrough:

Follow the Steps below:

  1. Login to your Livingtree Give account.

  2. Click the Contacts Tab (on the left) and add contacts into your Contacts Tool, which will be the recipients of your scheduled mass-emails.  When adding in your contacts, be sure to assign a "contact type" to them (IE - donors, parents, etc).

  3. Click the Fundraising Tab and find your live campaign within the "Active Campaigns" section.  In our example below, the sender will promote "Mr. Mendoza's Musical Instruments" campaign.

  4. Click the "wheel" icon at the top right and select the "Promote/Email" option.

5. Click the "Scheduled Mass-Email" tab.

6. On #1, select the group of contacts (the assigned "type" designated to contacts in the Contacts Tool) to whom you want your mass-emails to be sent to.  In our example below, the sender has selected a "Musical Instruments Campaign" type - a type that was specifically created to promote this specific campaign.

7. On #2, select one of your previously created Email Templates which will serve as the email message that is sent.  In our example below, the sender has selected a "Help us Raise Money for Musical Instruments!" email template, which the sender had created previously.  In the Message box, you can further customize the message as needed - Be sure that your campaign's link/URL is included!

8. On #3, select one of the four preset options (3, 7, 14, 30 calendar days) that you want to set as the frequency for the system to automatically send your mass-emails (to your selected contact type).  In our example below, the sender has selected the "Weekly (Every 7 Calendar Days) Until Campaign End Date" option.  

9. At the bottom, notice the checkbox (checked by default) which refers to any mass-email recipients who have made a donation to the associated campaign (after receiving a mass-email).  When checked, donors to the campaign will not receive any future scheduled mass-emails.

10. Click the "Schedule Mass-Email" button at the bottom to save your scheduled mass-email.

Your scheduled mass-email is now scheduled.  Under "Current Scheduled Mass-Email" you now see a review of the details.

With your "Scheduled Mass-Email" in place, your campaign is now being promoted to your contacts automatically!  

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