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Livingtree Give Stores for Individuals/Solo Users
Livingtree Give Stores for Individuals/Solo Users

Livingtree Give Stores for Solo/Individuals users

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Livingtree Give Stores is an amazing feature for Solo/individual users to set up their own online storefronts to sell merchandise, clothing, novelties, etc.

  1. When you log in, go to your homepage and click on "Fundraisers" from the top panel, and select "Stores"

  2. Click on "Create a Store" and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your first store.

  3. After clicking on create a store, you will need to enter all the mandatory details to set up a simple store.

  4. Once you have set up the store, you can add the store items, as many as you need. In each item, you can choose the variables (purchase criteria) like jersey colour, size, personalization, etc.

  5. Once your store is published, it can be shared with anyone on the web from your account itself.

Please note that you must have a Stripe payments account linked to your account to receive payments when people buy merchandise from your store.

Check out our other articles about how to connect your Stripe Payments account with your Livingtree Give account.

Step 2 - How do I "link" my Livingtree Give account to my Stripe account to collect inbound donations? (

Also, to start selling in your store, first, learn about Federal tax implications as per the type of merchandise you are selling in your store. Check out Stripe Payments articles on Setup Stripe Tax.

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