Store creators/owners have an option to request and collect a document, such as a completed "waiver" form, for each item that they add within their Livingtree Give stores.

For example, if you are creating an online store where parents can purchase tickets for their students to attend an upcoming field trip, you can enable the option which requests that a completed field trip waiver be uploaded, along with the payment for the field trip ticket.

Here's a sample Field Trip store:

A few things to note:

  • Within the flow, currently, only one document can be uploaded at a time

  • The maximum size for uploaded documents is 2 MB. If a document larger than 2MBs upload is attempted, an error message will appear to buyers

To enable the option to request and collect a document from a buyer, follow the steps:

  1. Create a new store by going to Fundraisers > Stores

  2. Click "Create a New Store" starting with Step 1 (completing store details, etc) and continue to follow the store creation steps

  3. On Step 3, begin to add items to your store

  4. For any store item where a document should be requested/collected by store buyers, enable the slider in the "Optional: Request buyers to upload a document associated with this item" section

  5. Next, you will see an entry field titled "Enter request information"

  6. In the field, enter wording/instructions pertaining to uploading the requested document (which will be viewable in your LIVE store), that you want your buyers to follow. Note: This step is required.

  7. Go through the remaining Store creation steps to step 5

  8. Click the Publish button on the bottom right. Your store is now published.

  9. Each item within your store (that has the option to request/collect a document enabled) will see an upload icon and dotted box at the bottom left. The wording entered (in #6 above) appears here for your buyers to see

    How store buyers can upload a document to a store item:

    1. Here, your store buyers can upload documents requested by you that are relevant to this store item by either:

    1. Dragging and dropping documents (MS Office - Word, Excel, etc, PDF, etc) to the dotted box, from local file folders

  10. Clicking the upload icon. The local file folder list appears, where he or she can select the document to upload and click open/save to upload the document.

    2. Buyers will see the name of the document that they have uploaded.

    How store buyers can replace a previously uploaded document:

    1. Buyers can REPLACE a previously uploaded document by re-clicking the dotted box and by following the same steps in 10a and 10b above

    2. Once a document has been replaced, the new document name will appear below the dotted box.

Store creators can see and download documents uploaded by store buyers by following the steps:

  1. Login to Livingtree Give

  2. Go to Reports

  3. At the top, from the pulldown list of all fundraisers, filter only store payments by selecting the "Stores" option

  4. In the initial screen/main transaction report, for store payments, scroll to the right to see an "Attachments" column

  5. If/when a document has been uploaded by a buyer (with respect to a store payment), a blue link titled "Click Here" will appear in the Attachments column

  6. Click the link. An Attachments box with the uploaded document will appear

6. Click the Attached Files document name to review and download the document uploaded by the buyer

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