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PayPal Guest Checkout is unavailable in most schools/districts
PayPal Guest Checkout is unavailable in most schools/districts

PayPal guest checkout is not available to every user, under the New PayPal privacy policies

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PayPal has recently updated its privacy policies. Now, not all donors will have the option to pay via PayPal guest checkout, which means that those donors were to create a PayPal account to donate, in case they don't have one already.

We have checked with the PayPal team, and they have updated this. " The Guest Checkout process has a number of factors that go into it, including customer location, region of origin, transaction risk, funding source, etc. These factors are considered to determine whether a customer is eligible to use the feature for a specific transaction. The availability of the feature is no longer made universally available and is subject to a case-by-case basis."

The good news is that Livingtree is able to offer Stripe payments instead. The process of switching is relatively easy, though it will most likely require someone from your Financials department to assist you.

In order to begin the process of switching from PayPal to Stripe, please log in to your Livingtree account over at and navigate to "Settings" underneath the name that appears in the top right.

From there, you should see a tab titled "Stripe Setup" and click on the "Begin Onboarding" button that appears.

If you would like, you easily set up a call to go through this process together in case any questions come up. Use this Link to set up a call.

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